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Three screenings this weekend

April 28, 2011

There are three screenings for films I scored this weekend:

Tell Me You Love Me by Gary C. Warren and Sharon Wright is screening again at the Bare Bones Film Festival on Friday April 29th.  The Locker by Robert Paschall Jr is screening at the USA Film Festival on Friday April 29th.  Scraps by Danny Safady is screening at the Cape Fear Film Festival on Saturday April 30th.  Congratulations to the cast and crew!


Screenings, Releases, and more scores

April 5, 2011

I have some future screenings, dvd releases, and other projects to announce.  I’ll start with the current ones.


The score for Ghostbreakers (directed by Benjamin Wilbanks) is mostly done and will be airing in September on ABC.  For the show’s site you can click here.

I am working on a couple of teaser trailers for the feature film Memories of a Hundred (directed by Kerry Valderrama).  To check out the trailer you can click here.

I’m currently working as a producer on one of Kat Parsons‘ newest songs.  For her site you can click here.

I am putting the final touches on the short film Scraps (directed by Danny Safady).  I don’t believe there is a site for the film, but if any screenings are announced I’ll post it here too.

I may be scoring some short films soon for the Action on Film Festival in Pasadena.  Projects include films from Karen Bullis, Carrie Certa, Shea Vitartas, and Mark Shelton.


A new review from The Independent Critic on the film Tell Me You Love Me (directed by Gary C. Warren and Sharon Wright) mentions the music:  “Douglas Edward’s original music is the perfect cinematic companion that gives the film a spark of energy yet also keeps it from becoming too intense to bear.” The film will be screening at the upcoming Bare Bones International Film Festival too.  To read the entire review click here.

Spilt Milk (directed by Blake Calhoun) is screening on 4/10/11 at the Dallas International Film Festival.  For more information click here.

Chihuahua: The Movie (directed by Michael Amundsen) is now available at Amazon and even though the official release date is 4/26/11.  For more information click here.

Cartoneo y Nopalitos (directed by Pablo Veliz) just had it’s second screening in San Antonio.  Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the score!  For the production company’s site click here.

I finished scoring the short film Depart From Me (directed by David Matheny).  You can check out his blog here

I performed some string parts for Calhoun’s newest record Heavy Sugar which will be released via Idol Records at iTunes on 4/19/11.  For more information click here.

I also performed the Violin on a score that I didn’t write for the short film Tsuyako (directed by Mitsuyo Miyazaki and scored by Pakk Hui).  You can see more information on the film here.

I supplied some music for the short documentary Salvation Mountain (directed by Jon Furtado).  You can check it out here.

I did some website coding for a new cookie store in the Kansas City area called Little Lulu’s Confections.  For more information click here.

take care,

spilt milk
review of tell me you love me- screening at bare bones

cyn past screening- thanks for going and the wonderful feedback!
worked on Plain Jen and a couple of other shorts as audio mixer (thanks to
Karen and Carrie)
salvation mountain- music for jon's film
Depart from Me- finished
Tsuyako (film) - studio on Violin
Little Lulu's Confections

Heavy Sugar will be available on iTunes April 19th the same day that Knife Fight
will be featured on One Tree Hill.

currently working on...
Ghostbreakers just wrapped and the music is mostly done for it- will be
Kat Parson's EP
a new teaser trailer for Memories of a Hundred
... and more scores coming!