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Upcoming Film Festivals

July 9, 2010

“My Step-Dad’s a Freakin’ Vampire” (directed by David Matheny) is screening sometime between August 5th-8th at the Gen Con Indy 2010 in Indianapolis and on July 25th at the Action on Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Night Crawlers” (directed by Benjamin Wilbanks) is screening on July 18th at Four Day Weekend in Fort Worth.  The soundtracks to these two films are also available on iTunes.

Maggie’s Passage” (directed by Mike Norris) is now available at Lifeway, and the production company’s website features the trailer and a short music video for the film.

I also worked on the trailer music for the Asian Film Festival of Dallas which will be running from July 23rd-29th.

Congratulations to everyone involved!
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