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Garrison at Blockbuster and Netflix, BOGT at Red Box, and lots of new music

July 16, 2009


The Memories of a Hundred Trailer  is now finished!  The trailer was directed by Kerry Valderrama and the score features Crystal Bratton on vocals.  Check out the trailer on the site that I also helped build (not designed).  If you’d like to just hear the music, it’s somewhere around here.


The Asian Film Festival Dallas is just about to get underway, and I just finished writing/recording the music for them.  The trailer features Percussion by Patrick Herring and Female Vocals by Julie Pham Miles (her vocals were recorded by Jeff Miles at Miles of Sound).  The Interim Director for the festival, Julie Hwang, wrote an article on the music for the trailer on KERA’s Art & Seek website.  To hear just the music, I’m sure you can find that too.


The Fighter (feature film directed by Javier Barbera and produced by Laguna Productions) is now finished and the film should be released on DVD in mid-August.  A compilation of the score can be heard here.

Maggie’s Passage
(feature film directed by Mike Norris, produced by 2nd Fiddle Entertainment / MPS Studios and starring Janine Turner from Friday Night Lights and Cliffhanger) is now complete.  The score features Vocal and Concert Harp performances by Carlie Irvine who flew down from Oregon to record the parts.  Sound Designer and Engineer Matt Wittmeyer from Lucid Post recorded her at Dallas Audio Post.  A compilation of the soundtrack can be heard here.

The Quartering Act (short film directed by Stephen Theodore Bell) is now finished and is about to start it’s festival run.  The film was produced by Florida State University, and the score is a bit more contemporary than my other work.  Here is a short segment of the score.


70117392Garrison was recently released on DVD at Blockbuster, Netflix, and many other US stores.  This film has been 3 years in the making, including a lengthy festival run.  The film was directed by and stars Kerry Valderrama and Elizabeth Ingalls who had a brief role in Star Trek.  The soundtrack will be released in the near future, and will include a lot of local bands/artists as well.


70119259The Boys of Ghost Town is now available at Red Box.  The film has already been released at Blockbuster and Netflix, and it was directed by Pablo Veliz and co-stars Danny Trejo from Desperado and From Dusk Till Dawn.  The film screened at the San Antonio Film Festival and I was lucky enough to attend.  The score is already available on iTunes and features vocal performances by Sarah Odom.


msdafvMy Step-Dad’s a Freakin Vampire was available online for a couple of weeks, but if you didn’t get your copy- too bad!  =)  The film will be available again after the festival run, which should be taking place soon.  The film was directed by David Matheny and stars Larry Peterson and Lahcen Anajjar.  Check out the trailer on the site I built (not designed) and the score will be available online either during or after the festival run.  The soundtrack features performances by many talented musicians, including:  Jeanene Johnson (Clarinet), Kelli Short (Oboe), Dale Powers (Timpani and Percussion), Sara Scurry (Bassoon), Heather Test (French Horn), Simon Willats (Bass Trombone), Audrey Easley (Flute/Piccolo), Cynthia Burns (Vocals), Leah Rommel (Vocals), and Hannah Rommel (Vocals).  Listen to a segment of the score.

nightcrawlersNight Crawlers has been available online for awhile now, and the score will be available soon as well.  The film was directed by Benjamin Wilbanks and co-stars Joey Greco from Cheaters and Mathew Greer from No Country for Old Men. The film has screened at a couple of film festivals so far, including the Lone Star and Oxford Film Festivals.  Listen to a segment of the score.


41FSe0_Bill Callahan’s new record, “Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle” is now available at stores everywhere.  If you were a fan of his previous work in Smog, you might enjoy this too.  The record was produced by Drag City Records (whose roster includes the amazing Joanna Newsom) and the album was recorded by the talented John Congleton (Modest Mouse, Polyphonic Spree) at the Track Studio in Dallas.  I was one of four Violinists in this session (this is where I met the French Horn player who ended up recording on My Step-Dad’s a Freakin Vampire!)

CoverArtSmileRoses276Smile Smile‘s new record is almost complete.  I did a session with Dave Castell (producer for Blue October and the Toadies) over at Fort Worth Sound and at my studio on Cello, Viola, and Violin.  I’ll mention it again once the album has been released.

Barton Stanley David just cut a new track which I played several layers of Violin, Viola, and Cello at my studio.


I built a flash version of my website which you may have already seen (I never announced it until now).  I also will be co-teaching Music for Film for part of a day at the AFI Dallas Film Camp later this month. 

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