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Blockbuster, Netflix, Article, and Scores

July 15, 2008

l_93b5e9c0793c7a5e0e2c2984bcb9895e2Double Dagger“, a feature film by Pablo Veliz and Laguna Productions that I scored in April, is now available at Blockbuster and Netflix.

The film stars Sandra Echeverria, Gerardo Valdivia, Manuel Garcia, and Jason Cox.  Visit for more information.

l_ba803219c88ad16ce5c063fcc34cd1d7Kiko Martinez took time out of his day to interview me and post a personal review of the score to “Garrison” on the SA Current’s website when the film was part of the San Antonio Film Festival back in June.  Check out the article here.

Kerry Valderrama, the director for “Garrison“, just informed me that Spotlight Pictures recently sold the film in over 10 foreign markets (including Singapore, Russia, Dubai, and Hungary) with more opportunities coming later this year.

l_d87d0e263200f8335bc56f099c308106I recently finished the scores to Robert J. Castaldo‘s film, “The Last Turn” and to Micah Ranum’s film, “First Kill“.  I also wrote a 10-minute horror spot for Robert Paschall Jr‘s new film, “Mache“.

I recently performed with the Black Tie Dynasty at Lolas in Fort Worth.  The venue was great and the band had everybody on their toes. If you haven’t heard of the Black Tie Dynasty, check out their myspace page here.