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Commercial, Scores, and Screenings

January 27, 2008

l_7cbac3855bb799f96d10e6f1773033abI finished some commercial music directed by Aaron Marquette for Kayla Beverly Hills which should be airing in Los Angeles and on Satellite TV soon. I also finished the scores to the short film, “Harlem Sunset” by Jeff Miller, and the feature film, “Night Crawlers” by Benjamin Wilbanks (produced by Ron Gonzalez).

There are several upcoming projects, including a documentary and another feature film. However, before I work on those I will be starting a new feature from San Antonio and Los Angeles called “Double Dagger” which is directed by Pablo Veliz.

One of the feature films I scored, “Garrison” (directed by Kerry Valderrama) won Honorable Mention for an Accolade Award. “Garrison” just screened this past weekend at the Hollywood Film Festival in Los Angeles and the film will be screening again at the Bare Bones International Film Festival in Oklahoma and the ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto.

I recently recorded some violin, viola, cello, and piano tracks for the band Calhoun and Black Tie Dynasty. I also finished most if not all of my string parts for ALAN.  I also did some cool photo shoots for Kris Swenson who is a really talented vocalist and artist in the DFW Metroplex. I will post some of the pictures in my Gallery section soon.


Park City Film Music Award

January 10, 2008

award2I am really excited to announce that “Garrison”, which is directed by Kerry Valderrama, received a medal of Artistic Excellence for Best Impact of Music in a Feature Film from the Park City Film Music Festival in Park City, Utah. A troop of us drove up for the screening which was happening in the same city that both Sundance and Slamdance hosts their week long film festivals. I took some pictures from the trip and posted them in the gallery section of my site. Thank you to Kerry for letting me be a part of an amazing film and for hosting the trip as well!

I am also excited to announce that “Judas: One of Twelve”, which is directed by Aaron Marquette, screened at several festivals in 2007 including the WYSIWYG Festival in San Francisco. This week the film was awarded the Jury’s Award! Thank you to Aaron for letting me be a part of this amazing film that dives into the head of Judas. Check out a picture of the award on Aaron’s site (click on the Judas blog).

I completed a new score last year to a short film titled, “Out of the Shadow” which is directed by Andrew Bartels. I received the DVD for the film and am excited to see how well it does at festivals this year. The score is comprised of strings, clarinet, and rope noise (not too much though). I just now added the track to my audio player. Thank you to Jeanene Johnson for providing the fantastic clarinet performances and to Andrew Bartels for letting us be a part of an amazing film that deals directly with a boy’s coming of age in standing up to his father’s racist ways.

Currently, I will be completing the score to “Night Crawlers” very soon which is a Texas-sized Horror Comedy and is directed by Benjamin Wilbanks. Thank you to both Benjamin and Ron Gonzalez for letting me be a part of this crazy, wild ride!

More scores to come, thanks for reading.
– Douglas